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    Greetings Adventurers!

    Wow has it been a crazy few of weeks! I know that our team has been working really hard to get this server ready for you guys to play on! We are now just 1 week and 3 days from release, ip will CONNECTED once the hub is ready!

    I though I would take this time, while we are working very hard, To tell you about some new features and how they will work! I just want to remind everyone there is a 70% Release Sale at Buy.Treasuremc.Com live now!

    Now on to the recap:
    • Arc and Jubble /gkit are now released and ready
    • New Enchants And Enchantment System!
      • Shockwave - Armour
      • Fish - Helmet
      • Tank - Armour
      • Healer - Leggings
      • Featherweight - Sword
      • Detonate - Bow
      • Venom - Bow
      • Protection - Armor
      • Speed - Boots
      • Decapitation - Weapons
      • Haste - Tools/Weapons
    • Envoy Summons Were Added
    • mcMMO Vouchers released and obtainable through envoy chests and purchasable
    • New titles released with /gkits
    • Working on Sync Accounting to the forms and servers
    • Typo regarding Unbreaking 3 on shovels was corrected in the server store
    • [ITEM] had a hiccup that was corrected
    • World Border glitch has been mitigated in both the overworld and nether
    • A fix has been implemented for the Regen / Death bug which previously killed you but didn't
    • Tweaking and fixing lava and water flow has been implemented
      • Like all flowing entities there are limits - make sure you are not trying to create too much at once and those freezing flows should be all gravy!
    • A fix has been implemented for the infinite overload heart bug
    • Envoys have been tweaked to be more dispersed (and I believe they are available at warps as well now)
    • Warp warzone regions were reconfigured and updated
    • Streamlining for better optimization re: lag has been ongoing and with the exception of the player exploit that was mitigated I'm happy to see consistent numbers hovering around 20 tps
    • Double drop bug was corrected (thanks for the super fast report on that guys)
    • Word censor has been updated and can now include spaces
    • Players can open unprotected chests in enemy territory (make sure you protect your chests with a block guys!)
    • Fall Damage does not happen in warzones however when in wilderness faction territory you should experience fall damage wtih a random % chance when you're about to die to survive.
    • Added Rank Vouchers
    • Added Bosses

    Well, now we have covered that, That's a lot of new stuff right? More will be added in the next update and form post.

    Staff Applications are now open, Go to the staff applications - Applications page to apply! 2 Helpers Needed

    "Leaks" and more will be posted in the next update post, and images will be posted on the new General Tab!

    Finally, we have a couple new staff members and soon to be adding more. I want to thank those of you who have applied and waited patiently for a response (there's still several we are going through). Try to take it easy on the newbies as they find their feet and undergo TreasureMc own special version of initiation

    Thank you for reading
    Disbanding and the management team
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Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by Disbanding, Mar 5, 2018.

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